The dictionary definition of Inertia is “the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest”. Just substitute the word ‘blog’ for ‘body’ and you have the previous state of this blog!

I think it was the shock of having another birthday that rendered me immobile/unable to write/find Windows Live Writer on my laptop. On my birthday I sat in a lovely garden with the sun shining on my face and basically that’s the last thing I remember – all is a blur since then. But now back on track. The first thing I did was catch up with Mean Queen’s brilliant blog. If you ever want an example of how to get off your backside and live a full life then read her blog. I don’t know how she fits half of it in.

Re the Birthday Giveaway, Sue you are the winner! So if you’d like to email me with your details I’ll send the little Kitty clutch off to you xxx

Tabikat is still with me and is thriving. For a cat that lived on the streets during the early part of his life, he is extremely good mannered. He’ll sit and wait for permission to jump up on my lap and at feeding time he sits patiently for his food. My other three that I’ve had since kittens jump all over the place and will sit on me without a by your leave. Lily has taken to trying to sit on my hands whist I’m typing. She is currently sitting on my right wrist as I’m writing this.

So chuffed with finding a 1960’s dress pattern the other day in a charity shop. All parts are there plus the instructions. Cost 50p. Yippee.




I find it amazing that something so fragile as a tissue paper sewing pattern has survived for 50 odd years.


I’ve recently started to watch George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces on C4. Such a brilliant programme. It features people who have built or converted incredible places to live and work. It’s well worth a visit to C4 to catch up. My favourites are The Cube, The Hive Haus and The Owl Shelter (this one was on last night’s programme).




Must dash now – just about to do something vaguely Steampunky!




Linda xxx

3 thoughts on “Inertia

  1. Hi Linda. Thank you for the mention, or as they call it now, the shout out, bloomin daft phrase, ha ha. I have the same trouble with pusscat Heidi, she pushes herself between me and the keyboard, and nudges my hand on the mouse. I remember those paper patterns, I had quite a collection of them, as I made my own clothes. Wish I'd kept them now. I love Amazing Spaces, and you know what I think of the delicious William. Ooooh la la :o)

  2. LOL! William's workshop is in Lewes just a few miles up the coast from me. I am so tempted to go there and loiter, though I'd probably get arrested for stalking!

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