Guest Blogger–Daisy the Cat

Today I have my very first guest blogger post! Daisy the Cat a legend in the cat blogging world has kindly consented to write a guest post for me. I am positively purring with excitement! Over to you Daisy……….


Thank you very much CrystalMoonCat for that very nice intro. I have to correct you though on my name. whilst I am known to my neighbours and the local vet as Daisy, my full title is Daisy the Destroyer – Daughter of Darkness. Here is my terrifying real picture…….look away now if you are in the least bit squeamish…….are you sure you want to look at this, really sure? Well OK then, on your own head be it……………………


Close up of the eyes of a tortie or brindle cat

Well I did warn you!  I am born out of the fires of the deepest depths of hell, damned  for eternity to wreak havoc on this weak and fragile earth and it’s puny little human population.

But I digress – yesterday I had tuna for supper and very nice it was too. Unfortunately I had to share it with 4 other felines but I have plans for them. I am the third eldest of five. The eldest one is 16 and after a lifetime of being thumped by him I am finally able to get my own back on him as he is a bit weak and tottery now. He’s also completely deaf and I can make all sorts of noises behind him and he doesn’t even know, tee hee. I had him cornered yesterday and was about to push him over when SHE came in and separated us. The second eldest is a bit fat and seems to only travel between her food bowl, the water bowl, the litter tray and the sofa. She has no interest in being number ONE and has relinquished her position to me. I made her sign her paw print in the litter tray to be sure. So really I am now number ONE puddy. It’s a position of immense power as I get to be in the middle of whatever is going on, I get fed first as the others stay back to let me in first and no matter how close any of the others snuggle up to HER I can always worm my way in between them.


I suppose such a position comes with an element of responsibility. I see it as my duty to see off all strangers that come around – cats, dogs, humans, spiders, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll take them all on.  I also take my agent provocateur role very seriously and I will continue to pee down HER printers and up her sofa legs. The other day I got one in on the fleecy blanket SHE was about to sit down on. Now just between us this is my current disguise….

Daisy and phone04

I’m pictured here listening in on HER private phone messages.


Daisy fighting with Lily


And this is what happens to any one who gets in my way! You have been warned!!

Love and kisses,

Daisy xx

………………..Thank you Daisy for that brief and interesting look into your interesting and slightly disturbing life.


Linda xxx

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  1. I read the blog to my two little fur babies who right now are parked on either side of me. Kind of like the Guards standing outside Buckingham Palace!
    They were not frightened by Daisy the Destroyer's pic, as their cousins, Dexter, Marlow (Bengal Cats) and Zoey (a Savannah Car) are a bit active themselves!

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