Warrior Woman

Well I’m now a fully paid up member of the Amazonian Women’s Archery Club and I’ve been told that for a while if I row a boat I will go round in circles.
amazon archer
I’m so lucky to be living in the UK and being looked after by the NHS. The level of care and professionalism is incredible, from the wonderful young man who taught me the trick to putting on surgical stockings to the surgeon who came in and drew over my boob with her marker pen, which tickled btw.  It’s like one of those Oscar acceptance speeches where there is a long list of thank yous.

All went well. I remember being wheeled into the anaesthetists room just before the op and waffling on about how I liked their pink walls, then holding the face mask myself just above my face saying how different it was from the old dentist masks which smelt of rubber and sweet odours (they must have been so pleased when I fell asleep) then waking up in recovery a couple of hours later being given the best tasting cup of water ever.  I did suffer a while from a bit of nausea but that did fade away by bed time later on in the evening and I was also going to the loo by myself by that time too. 
I was in a ward with 4 other lovely ladies all in for different things and I have to say the best line of my stay was from one lady who declared she couldn’t go home yet as she was waiting for her big knickers to arrive.

I’m home now with one of those wound drains attached to me which I’m going to use to terrorise my squeamish friend when she comes round later. And speaking of friends – Claire, Jan and Graham, Sheila, Stacey, Susan you are the very best mates a girl could have. I love you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Off to hospital tomorrow morning to have the drain removed which will be a relief as I’m currently dragging it around like chains in a horror movie!

Manchester lass – your candle worked! Bless you xxxx


Linda xxx

Bumps in the Road

Surgery this Monday morning! I have to be at the hospital at the ungodly hour of 7.30am. I will probably need the help of 6 alarm clocks.
I was driving yesterday and noticed this…….


I seem to be alert for all things boob shaped at the moment! Anyway my mind was very keen to change the sign to this……………….

One bump
Can’t help it, it is my warped sense of humour. I am also very tempted to stick a post it note to my boob before going into theatre. I was thinking something along the lines “Not suitable for rehoming”. That would sort of go along with my animal saving. I am sure it would give the team a good laugh. I wonder if you get scanned for post it notes on the body prior to leaving the ward.

I read the patient info sheet they give you and it says that you normally walk down to theatre. I keep thinking of that scene from the first Hobbit film where Bilbo Baggins bursts out of his front door clutching his contract with the Dwarves and shouting “I’m going on an adventure!” I wonder if I can recreate that with a quick jog down the corridor waving my patient notes.  Probably best not, I could end up recovering in the Psychiatric ward.

I do worry for my 14 year old cat Poppy who for all her life has been making it her mission to paddy paw my left boob into submission. Can you teach a 14 year old cat new tits?

Thank you Manchester Lass and Kate for your lovely comments, they were very much appreciated xxx


Linda xxx

Yes, I am guilty of blog neglect!

No posts from me since June 2014 – where did the time go? A lot of tea cosy making and stuff, but mostly frittering away my time. I reckon I could clean up on Mastermind with Eastenders as my main subject. For someone that has no tv I do remarkably well on BBC catchup.

All that has changed now as at the beginning of the year I got the news that I have breast cancer (no capitals, this nasty disease doesn’t deserve them). If there is one thing that makes you rethink your life and priorities bc is it. I’m just about to embark on surgery followed by chemo. No, I’m not going to post all the gory details as they unfold. I made the mistake of reading a fellow sufferer’s blog where she had described every single minute of suffering. I cried myself to sleep that night.

The one thing those wonderful MacMillan Nurses (capitals here cos they are great!) do is to warn you to stay off the internet and not to Google the disease as you can scare yourself witless. So I have decided to focus on real life in the flesh people – MacMillan Nurses, ladies I meet in the hospital waiting room and friends that unknown to me have gone through it. I prefer my situation to be one of hope and of appreciation of the great gift of Life. So here is a nice hopeful pic to be going on with until my next post.

Dolphins expressing the sheer joy of living.


Linda xxx