‘One of a Kind’ is how Susan described Edie in Desperate Housewives and that is how I would like to remember my darling Lily.

This is my favourite photo of her. I nicknamed her The Joker after taking it. She was a rescue cat who had had a litter of kittens and 3 different homes before she came to live with me. At first she wasn’t really sure where she was living and was always wandering into other people’s houses but after a while she settled down and became a permanent fixture on the bed/sofa/window basket/windowsill. I made a promise to her shortly after she came to live with me that she was now in her forever home and I would keep her safe and loved to the end.

A while back she had been diagnosed with feline Dementia and was gradually losing her sense of what it meant to be a cat. She was a bit like a goldfish in a bowl, forgetting that she had eaten 10 seconds ago etc. She became very needy and also forgot what the litter tray was for and that she needed to groom herself. I did resort to bathing her but that was causing us both stress and I was scared that she would go out and forget how to get home.

The vet and I agreed that her time had come and she was given the most dignified of endings – Tanya gave her a fleece blnaket and some Dreamies. So while Lily was happily playing with them she was given an injection to make her fall asleep and then when she was asleep a final injection to send her to heaven. No shaving of paws etc just a little cat gently falling asleep in my arms.

She was 2 when I rescued her and gave me 14 years of utter joy.

This is my final entry on this blog, so thank you to all who gave me such support during trying times and to those who simply took the time to write. May you all live happily and safe.

Slainte for the last time

Linda xxxx

Three Witches

You know at the beginning of Shakespeare’s Macbeth when the evil Witches are seated around their cauldron and chant “When shall we three meet again” with a bit of cackling and overacting thrown in? Well I’ve been experiencing being the victim of a coven of witches recently or that what it feels like! It’s happened a couple of times – I go into the bedroom and there they are – 3 pussycats in a huddle surreptitiously looking over their shoulders at me. Are they keeping warm or planning something? It’s hard to tell.

Cats and Cauldron
Mouse Fondue Party

They have such pretty names – Daisy, Lily and Poppy, but that Daisy one could give Carol Vorderman a run for her money she’s so intelligent. You can see the cogs going around as she works things out. She is usually the ringleader as she’s the one who knows what the words fish and ham mean, when she hears either of those words she gets excited and goes off to round the other two up, so I end up with three very vocal puddies in the kitchen all yelling for their treats.

The ‘Look’

As I write this one is lying on the radiator side of table dangling her paws over the edge  to take advantage of the warm air rising. The other two have me hemmed in on the sofa, one either side of me. It might be some time before I get up as any cat lover will know you try and avoid that pitiful look they give you if you try to move them. With Merlin a huge Tabby I had a few years ago you had to judge it so you got up in that brief window before he realised you were getting up and when he sank his teeth into any exposed body parts. I could really get off the sofa in super quick time when he was around, nowadays it’s been diluted to plea bargaining.

Frisco Pansy and Daisy
Paw Dangling Practice

I am afraid, very afraid!!!


Linda xx

Pussycats in Art

What is it about cats that so many people down the ages have wanted to capture them on canvas or on film? I always remember my art tutor saying that in olden days if you were painted with a dog you were regarded as a good person but if you were depicted with a cat you were a bit of a wild woman!
If you Google “Cat paintings” you might as well lay in blankets and supplies as you will be looking on screen for a very long time.
One of my favourite cat illustrators is Louis Wain (1860-1939). I liked the fact that he didn’t do chocolate box kitties. I used to have these two large prints on my wall side by side. They were there for years and I swear that each time I looked at them I would find something new in them. I eventually donated them to a cat charity!

Louis Wain cats walking
Louis Wain “The Good Puss” (note mouse skewered on fork!)

Louis Wain cat classroom
Louis Wain “The Naughty Puss”

Slight change of style here. This is “Kip the Enchanted Cat” by Adrienne Ségur (1901-1981).
Cat King
Thinking about it she must have been a contemporary of Louis Wain. I love the idea of being cuddled by a giant pussycat even if it is an enchanted one! This beautiful illustration is from The Golden Book of Fairy Tales originally published in 1958 and eventually reprinted. This is Puss in Boots from the same book.

puss in boots 3
Isn’t he glorious? Adrienne also painted other animals, her attention to detail and the characters she created were just phenomenal.

The pen strokes here are sparse but I like the way Lynton Lamb (1907-1977) uses them to capture the cat’s character.
Cats Tales Lynton Lamb
He’s also famous for producing this charming illustration of The Owl and The Pussycat
Owl and Pussycat Lynton Lamb

And now to bring this small collection of cat art up to date – the incredible work of Fiona Scott. This is her painting entitled “Black Cat”
black pussie
I think this is the only cat painting she has exhibited publicly to date, but I’m going for quality here not quantity. I look at this painting and I swear if I offered it a saucer of milk the cat would come right off the screen towards me, it’s so lifelike! Check out her farm animal paintings – the sheep is adorable!
I wish I could capture my own cats as well as these amazing artists captured theirs. At the moment I’m just capturing my feline images via the camera but with enough practice maybe one day I’ll have a worthy painting to post here.


Linda xxx

In Love ……. again!

This time I’ve fallen for Casper. I’ve been meeting up with him for the last 2 Sundays and there’s been a lot of cuddling, kissing and whispered words of love. Okay, he’s a cat! You’ve probably guessed that straight away. He is one of the latest rescue cats at PAWS Animal Sanctuary. His owner couldn’t afford to pay vets fees and as a result his teeth were in terrible condition. PAWS took him to their vet and the poor thing had to have them all out. But as you can see in this very short video I shot he certainly isn’t feeling sorry for himself and is recovering well.

The beautiful Casper

I would love to have him home with me but I think Tabikat might have a go at this gentle giant being another boy cat etc. I shall have to ponder that one.

Also I thought I’d mention The Cinnamon Trust. It’s a British charity that looks after the pets of elderly people if they have to go into hospital or care. If the owner dies the charity will also take in the pet and find it a good home. I think this is a brilliant idea as I see so many cats at PAWS with the words “Owner Died” on their case notes. I didn’t know about this charity until Stacey at PAWS mentioned it today. I looked it up and was really impressed with the work they do. Virginia McKenna and Sir Paul McCartney are just 2 of their Patrons. Worth a look.

A look at my latest embroidered notebook cover. I’m in to frogs now and I thought this design would be fun to do!

Froggie Notebook

I’m pleased with how it turned out. Methinks a Gecko next!


Linda xxx

Goodbye to Jasmine

I can’t believe I’m writing this so soon after Frisco’s passing.


fluffy grey and white domestic cat


This is Jasmine or Jazzy for short. She was diagnosed with several tumours today and sadly I had to once again make the decision to let go a much loved pussycat. Jazzy would have been 14 next month. She was a rescue kitten.


fluffy grey and white domestic cat


Oddly enough she was the only cat that I didn’t choose for myself. I had rung the local cat rescue shelter and asked if they had any kittens and the lady described Jasmine. The next day she brought round this adorable fluffy kitten who sat so quietly in her cat basket while I signed the adoption papers. I don’t think Carol had driven even to the end of my road when this ‘adorable’ kitten was straight out of the cat basket and up the net curtains.  Swinging on the curtains was to remain a hobby of hers until she got too heavy for them.


Jazzy playing with toy mouse




She loved her toys and over the years she ‘killed’ quite a few over and over again.


Grey and white longhaired adult female cat grooming


As you can see from the pictures she was a very pretty cat and she loved to take care of herself. I was always snapping pics of her. The one above was used in the book How to Have a Happy Cat (page 78). She was paid in tuna. In fact she was the ultimate happy cat, no trouble, interested in everything.


Grey and white fluffy cat


Meerkat impersonating was her party piece.




She loved Christmas and was always devising ways of getting the tree to part with its ornaments. She had a bit of a soft spot for Daisy my Tortie and always let Daisy have a share of any treats that she had.




As she got older, sitting in the sun by the front step became her favourite occupation. It is going to be so weird not to have to step over her anymore.


Fluffy domestic cat lying down with paw over her head


Rest in peace my brave little girl xxxxxxx

Strange Tabby Mystery Solved……almost!

I thought I’d post an update on the little stray tabby cat who seems to have adopted me. I took him to my vet to see if they could scan him for a microchip and yes he did have one! His owner was Brighton Cat Welfare. My vet left a message with them to call me and the lovely Julie from Cat Welfare called me yesterday.

It turns out he was originally an un-neutered tom cat living on the streets and breaking into people’s houses and generally making a nuisance of himself. So he was caught and brought to the rescue centre where they had him neutered. As he was semi-feral he was taken on as a stable cat and it was from there that he escaped and travelled the 4 miles to my house. As the ‘owner’ never bothered to report him missing the rescue centre is sending me the adoption papers and the microchip will be transferred to my name. I’m so pleased that I didn’t have to give him back to anyone as I’ve become so fond of him. I do wonder though how he managed to travel and cross 2 A roads to get here. I don’t suppose I’ll ever know the answer to that one.  I’ve named him Ben.

Ben sunbathing
Ben playing with the daisies


Linda xx

A Couple of Ta-Das & A Strange Tabby

I’m still sticking to my mission of finishing all the projects I’ve started and using up my stash before I buy anything else, although I will admit to buying this embroidery design and this sewing pattern over the weekend.

I’ve had this project on my needles for ages

I wanted a really warm, chunky, snuggly dress to wear over leggings or jeans in the winter. I used Drops Eskimo 100% wool instead of the recommended Debbie bliss Como wool. A fraction of the price but it was lovely to knit with and I loved the deep old rose colour. So here’s the finished dress ready to go into the wardrobe to await winter – which should arrive next week if today’s drop in temperature is anything to go by.


Pink wool dress6


The second Ta da is my mandarin collar top made with some lovely self embossed off white satin fabric I got from a shop on the Goldhawk Road on my last visit to London.


Cream satin blouse1

Please ignore wrinkles across tummy and waist, I will have to de-stuff my dress form as I’ve lost a bit of weight recently. Open-mouthed smile I used New Look 6407, a really easy pattern to make up.



So that’s 2 more projects down and about 100 more to go!

Now onto to this lovely little pussycat who came to visit last night.


Strange Tabby2a


I couldn’t get too close as it got a bit skittish, but it gobbled up the cat biscuits that my cats had left. I gave it some more food and that was gobbled up really quickly as well. It seemed to be very hungry. It does seem to look quite healthy and well fed and cats are well known for being con artists when it comes to food.  I had one ginger cat called Bramble who was well known in the neighbourhood for being able to charm food out of people’s cupboards.  I’ll keep monitoring it to make sure it’s OK.


Strange Tabby2

That’s my Lily guarding the front door to make sure the little cat didn’t get in.


Strange Tabby4

I love it’s little white moustache!


Must go more projects to complete!!




Linda xxx

Saying goodbye to Frisco

It was with a very heavy heart I had to say goodbye to my little black and white cat Frisco. He was almost 16 and getting weaker and thinner each day. His life was becoming just a mere existence so although I would have loved to keep him with me I had to make the decision to give him a dignified peaceful end, which is what the lovely vet gave him. As he passed away he stuck his little pink tongue out looking totally cute. It made me cry even more.

Frisco and Daisy Friends

Frisco with Daisy

I had him since he was a 6 week old kitten. I first saw him in the vet’s waiting room. This tiny little kitten was being rushed passed me as an emergency as he had been choking during the night. As his cute face stared out at me through the cat basket I just fell in love with him. His owner said he would be looking for a home soon. Needless to say I was round at her place the next day and the rest is history.

Black and White cat with green eyes


He was famous for his beautiful green eyes.


He never really made friends with the rest of the cats and would wack anyone that got near him, but he did love any of my female friends that came to visit. He would sit on the floor in front of them and just gaze at them. I wonder who he was in a previous life – Casanova perhaps? He got his name from a line in the Otis Redding song ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’ which is one of my all time fav songs.


Frisco daisy (1)

This is my favourite picture of him snoozing in the grass with a little daisy.

He was also a great one for sitting by the bath and watching!! He would also climb on to the side and head butt me and lick my nose. Earlobe nibbling was also a favourite pastime of his (my earlobes not his).

Adult black and white cat sitting on garden bench



Intrepid explorer!


It is so weird not having him around, I am sure I can see him out of the corner of my eye at times. Rest in peace little one xxxxxx




Linda xxx

Guest Blogger–Daisy the Cat

Today I have my very first guest blogger post! Daisy the Cat a legend in the cat blogging world has kindly consented to write a guest post for me. I am positively purring with excitement! Over to you Daisy……….


Thank you very much CrystalMoonCat for that very nice intro. I have to correct you though on my name. whilst I am known to my neighbours and the local vet as Daisy, my full title is Daisy the Destroyer – Daughter of Darkness. Here is my terrifying real picture…….look away now if you are in the least bit squeamish…….are you sure you want to look at this, really sure? Well OK then, on your own head be it……………………


Close up of the eyes of a tortie or brindle cat

Well I did warn you!  I am born out of the fires of the deepest depths of hell, damned  for eternity to wreak havoc on this weak and fragile earth and it’s puny little human population.

But I digress – yesterday I had tuna for supper and very nice it was too. Unfortunately I had to share it with 4 other felines but I have plans for them. I am the third eldest of five. The eldest one is 16 and after a lifetime of being thumped by him I am finally able to get my own back on him as he is a bit weak and tottery now. He’s also completely deaf and I can make all sorts of noises behind him and he doesn’t even know, tee hee. I had him cornered yesterday and was about to push him over when SHE came in and separated us. The second eldest is a bit fat and seems to only travel between her food bowl, the water bowl, the litter tray and the sofa. She has no interest in being number ONE and has relinquished her position to me. I made her sign her paw print in the litter tray to be sure. So really I am now number ONE puddy. It’s a position of immense power as I get to be in the middle of whatever is going on, I get fed first as the others stay back to let me in first and no matter how close any of the others snuggle up to HER I can always worm my way in between them.


I suppose such a position comes with an element of responsibility. I see it as my duty to see off all strangers that come around – cats, dogs, humans, spiders, it doesn’t matter to me. I’ll take them all on.  I also take my agent provocateur role very seriously and I will continue to pee down HER printers and up her sofa legs. The other day I got one in on the fleecy blanket SHE was about to sit down on. Now just between us this is my current disguise….

Daisy and phone04

I’m pictured here listening in on HER private phone messages.


Daisy fighting with Lily


And this is what happens to any one who gets in my way! You have been warned!!

Love and kisses,

Daisy xx

………………..Thank you Daisy for that brief and interesting look into your interesting and slightly disturbing life.


Linda xxx


This is a tribute post about Rosie my little cat who died last night from kidney failure. She would have been 8 years old this April, no age at all for a cat.
She was a happy go lucky friendly little thing who always trotted up to other cats to make friends. She usually got a swipe for her efforts but it never deterred her. She did have one catty friend in Pansy the tabby and went on several play dates with her.
Rosie was a rescue cat, well kitten actually. Our local cat shelter had rescued a pregnant feral cat and Rosie was born shortly after. The first picture I saw of her was actually with her back turned to the camera as she was concentrating with her brothers and sisters in getting a good position for her mother’s milk. So I fell in love with her without actually seeing her face. When I did go to visit her this is what I saw

Blue eyed kitten's face covered with catfood after eating

A naughty face that just spelled trouble!


But she could be endearing, especially with those beautiful odd eyes.


Everything had to be tasted and chewed just in case


Exploration featured pretty high on her list too


Sometimes life left her a little bewildered

Rosie upside down

But she always found time to be cute and adorable


She never let stardom go to her head even when More Than Pet Insurance chose this picture of her to feature in one of their TV ads

Rosie and frog

She still liked to be normal and make friends wherever she could.


I’m really going to miss my beautiful girl.
Rest in Peace Rosie xxxxxx