Small Wins

When I joined my FB breast cancer group there were 12 of us and now in a few short weeks we are up to 25. I swear I sometimes think bc is becoming like an epidemic.
paper doll chains
Echocardiogram last week. Another machine they wouldn’t let me play with. I was given the results in a sealed envelope for the hospital.  I promptly opened it when I got home, scanned it and resealed it. I think it was OK, kept seeing loads of “normals” and all my figures seemed to fall within the correct parameters. Something called a PICC line gets inserted in my vein next week, the precursor to the chemo treatment. So I am warning you that there will probably be a lot of in depth posts on the technique of how to throw up and miss your shoes. Also watch out for the Spring Special coming soon – “100 creative things to do with the hairy clumps you find on your pillow every morning”

Now isn’t this a cute little sewing machine?

Maddy Machine_small
She’s a Frister+Rossmann Cub 3. Her original guarantee is dated June 1971. My friend has had her in his spare room for yonks and decided to rehome her with me a couple of weeks ago. I got her home, threaded her up and after the second press on the pedal she whirred into life – a quick adjustment on the tension and she is well nigh perfect. I’ve named her Maddy after Maddy Prior from Steeleye Span because she was big in the 70s too!
More socks have been knitted! You know that saying “Cancer Sucks”? I think in my case I might have misread it as “Cancer Socks”



Portable Sewing

Here we have the ultimate in portable sewing!


Portable Sewing2


I got this machine some time ago from a man via Gumtree. This machine  had been his mother’s and was given to her brand new (1934) as a present for her birthday when she was a young girl. Apparently she sewed on it all her life until she sadly passed away. I’m so honoured to have it.  As it was a nice day I decided to take it outside and clean it up and oil it ready for use. It took about an hour and with the minimum of tweaking on the upper and lower tension I have a lovely portable sewing machine! As it is a hand crank one I can sew in the sun to my heart’s content! No stopping me now!


Portable Sewing5


This is the Aeonium Zwartkop I bought the other day at the garden centre when I visited their cacti display.  I have a love for ‘black’ plants and this is one of my all time favourites. It is such a deep purple that is almost black. I’ve named it Ian after Ian Gillan from Deep Purple.



I’ve had them before but I’ve never managed to keep them going as I killed them with kindness and watered them too much. Hopefully I’ve learned from my mistakes and will be extremely cruel towards Ian!!


The tabby cat I mentioned in this post has been back a couple of times. It’s visited my friend who live across the road where it’s been fed and the last couple of evenings it’s trundled over to see me. I managed to get close and stroked it and as you can see from the picture below we are now sleeping together!!


Tabby Cat2


Actually, no we aren’t really!! My back door was open this morning and it wandered in and hopped on to the bed where it commandeered my laptop. I think it wanted to send emails to all its mates about the new B&B it’s found! If it carries on like this I’ll borrow a scanner from my friend who runs an animal sanctuary and see if it’s been microchipped. It is a lovely little thing and is so affectionate.


Another small ta-da. This is my pink crochet skirt all finished and sewn up. It is the first all crochet garment I’ve made and I am really chuffed with it. It’s from Debbie Bliss’s book Simply Crochet.


Pink crochet skirt4


I’m going to make a little pink half slip to go underneath, otherwise it my be a bit draughty in a following wind!!




Linda xx