Still Here Then?

I’m gradually fighting my way out of the chemo fog, my body is slowly being returned to my control. That bloody Taxotere drug has left me with quite a few side effects such as the need to go to the loo – immediately!!! And my poor burned hands and feet have shed their skin like a snake. I’ve put a pic of my poorly big toe at the end of this post – so if you are of a nervous disposition don’t read to the end!

I’ve been making up for lost sewing time now I’ve got my hands working again and have been making some embroidered pouches to stock my Etsy shop. BTW the government gives you absolutely no help whatsoever when you are self-employed and sick. This was another reason I had to give up chemo, I couldn’t afford to go on without any money coming in. Add up all the petrol money, car parking charges, taxi fares if you are too ill to drive, spent getting to the hospital with having to buy stuff that is not available on prescription and you have spent a small fortune! There is currently a petition going round to urge the Government to give Cancer patients disability status. This would certainly help us out, a blue badge for parking would help too. The number of times I’ve virtually had to drag myself so slowly across a supermarket car park while suffering the after effects of chemo and watched somebody who has just parked in a disabled parking space hop, skippety skip into the store. We really do need ‘equal status’.

Anyway I digress!  I love all the birdie designs that are around these days and I’ve made a few birdie inspired zippered pouches.

Also I couldn’t forget my adorable Daleks. Here they are facing each other ready to fight for leadership of Skaro their home planet!

I’ve been able to start knitting again, so hopefully I can get a decent amount of stock together for the Christmas rush (I’m being optimistic here!).

This is Tabikat wearing his Dinosaur hat I knitted specially for him, actually I knitted it for Lily but she wouldn’t wear it, so Tabikat was 2nd choice but don’t tell him that!
My lovely friends have sourced a bicycle for me and I’m looking forward to getting my strength back and going for some lovely country rides. I have been shown how to take the front wheel off so I can get it into the back of my car, but I may need some more practice with that with a few YouTube videos.
Well that’s me for now, watch out for the big toe picture coming up xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
See you soon,
Slainte xxxxxx