Happy Feet!

Socks are finished and here they are being modelled by my elegant size 5s. I reckon this pink colour is so bright that my tootsies would even be visible during a total eclipse of the sun.

Happy Feet pink socks_9
Being knit in double knit (Stylecraft DK Fiesta) thickness they are very warm and comfy to wear.
Happy Socks_0004
Fluorescent pink is one of the colours that digital cameras doesn’t do very well as is a lot of the red end of the spectrum. A true blue red is hard to reproduce both on my little Fuji Film or my big Canon 5D. Weird.
I’m currently reading the very interesting and well researched book  Stuffocation – Living More with Less by James Wallman.    
Brief synopsis – “In this groundbreaking book, trend forecaster James Wallman finds that a rising number of people are turning their backs on all-you-can-get consumption, from the telecoms exec who’s sold almost everything he owns, to the well-off family who have moved into a remote mountain cabin.
Wallman’s solution to our clutter crisis is less extreme, but equally fundamental. We have to transform what we value. We have to focus less on possessions and more on experiences. Rather than a new watch or another pair of shoes, we should invest in shared experiences like holidays and time with friends.”
I totally agree, it’s experiences that matter in the end and they will endure far longer than a pair of Jimmy Choos……………but if you are getting rid of a pair, bagsy I get first refusal Winking smile


Linda xx

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  1. Now that's a very cheery pair of socks:) I've been trying to declutter and buy less for a number of years, I've purchased plenty of books on the subject although I accomplished very little decluttering as yet, hopefully this is the year. I'm waiting for a book to arrive which I believe will give me the tools to do this. In saying that I do love the sound of this book, off to check it out……. Have a lovely week Linda and hope you are feeling really well♥ Linda x

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