Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

Dressings have been removed and a bit more fluid released in to the world. My surgeon is very pleased at how the healing has been progressing. She had 2 nurses with her who helped with prising off the dressing (which was painless btw). In my head I kept imagining that it would be like the dentist with his knee in your chest trying to grapple with a feisty tooth.

They seemed to want to make sure I was OK emotionally seeing my scar for the first time which was lovely of them, but I was fine. I initially came to the conclusion that it looked like something from a scene in Silent Witness  (BBC producers – if you want to film it please email me, rates negotiable). It is actually a curvy scar almost like a big smile. It might be quite fun to get the marker pen out and draw in 2 eyes and a nose.

Apparently I had a high lymph node involvement, 10 out of 24 nodes removed tested positive so the future treatment will be more aggressive. Ready for the list?

CT Scan
Bone Scan
Tablets for 5 – 10 years
Kitchen Sink Smile with tongue out

I am exhausted just reading this list. I’ve already checked up on my Oncologist and I’m pleased to see that in addition to his Chemo expertise he has written and published 6 papers on c cells. He’ll do!

Can’t think of any pics to put up but I do have a recent video of my clever Daisy taking her antibiotic tablet without me having to resort to restraining her in the big nasty towel. She is the only cat I’ve ever had that will take her pills willingly. It’s only a few seconds long but enjoy!


Linda xx

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  1. Hi Linda, wonderful to see you posting. A lot to go through but with your great attitude you will gradually tick one off at a time. Sounds like you've got a great team looking after you. Awww loved the little video clip. What a clever girl Daisy is♥ Sending special thoughts:) Linda x

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