Yes, I am guilty of blog neglect!

No posts from me since June 2014 – where did the time go? A lot of tea cosy making and stuff, but mostly frittering away my time. I reckon I could clean up on Mastermind with Eastenders as my main subject. For someone that has no tv I do remarkably well on BBC catchup.

All that has changed now as at the beginning of the year I got the news that I have breast cancer (no capitals, this nasty disease doesn’t deserve them). If there is one thing that makes you rethink your life and priorities bc is it. I’m just about to embark on surgery followed by chemo. No, I’m not going to post all the gory details as they unfold. I made the mistake of reading a fellow sufferer’s blog where she had described every single minute of suffering. I cried myself to sleep that night.

The one thing those wonderful MacMillan Nurses (capitals here cos they are great!) do is to warn you to stay off the internet and not to Google the disease as you can scare yourself witless. So I have decided to focus on real life in the flesh people – MacMillan Nurses, ladies I meet in the hospital waiting room and friends that unknown to me have gone through it. I prefer my situation to be one of hope and of appreciation of the great gift of Life. So here is a nice hopeful pic to be going on with until my next post.

Dolphins expressing the sheer joy of living.


Linda xxx

2 thoughts on “Yes, I am guilty of blog neglect!

  1. Hello Linda, I can well imagine it was such a shock for you as it was for me reading your post. The McMillan Nurses sound absolutely marvellous, your positive outlook is a blessing. I absolutely love the dolphin photo♥ My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 80, we couldn't fault the care and treatment she received, it was 1st class. She will be 87 in April and was given the all clear about about 4/5 years ago. Sending positive thoughts and lots of special wishes. Someone "downunder" will be cheering you on. ♥Linda xxx

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