‘Every Little Helps’ or does it?

It seems to me that if you want to get a big company’s attention you need to Tweet them. I got mad the other day in Tesco as they’d hiked up the price of their Sunflower Spread from 75p to £1 in the space of one week. So I tweeted @Tesco and asked them if they were expecting a poor sunflower harvest this year hence the 33% price increase. I’ve previously emailed and snail mailed them about various things with no reply whatsoever. Tweeting seems to work as everyone can see the Tweet and send it on themselves to their group of followers and so on and so on. Having the grand total of 23 followers (@Elle_M_Kennedy) I didn’t think I’d get a reply but I did and this is it – “Hi Linda, our suppliers work hard to secure the best possible prices. I’ll look into this & I’ll be back in touch #ASAP” I am still waiting but at least it was an acknowledgement!

My days recently have been filled with watching the webcams on TV presenter Simon King’s site.
Fox cam
Fox cub on Badger & Fox Feeder Cam – pic by Simon King
kingfisher cam
Kingfisher on River cam – pic by Simon King
Badger cam
Badger and Fox Feeder Cam – pic by Simon King
Kestrelo cam
Kestrel Nest – Still from Simon King webcam
Robin on Nest
Little Robin on her nest – Still from Simon King webcam
Robin chicks
Baby Robins hatched today – Still from Simon King’s webcam
I’ve watched Blue Tits babies grow up and fledge, Woodpeckers being fed, Wren babies leave the nest, Badger cubs playing – the list is endless and also gives a fascinating insight into the private lives of these beautiful creatures.

I have been doing other things when I’ve managed to tear myself away from the laptop. I made this –
Badger Painting5
Badger Painting08
It sort of continues the wildlife theme and I adore Badgers! This is Picasso Badger, he’s on the front of a zippered pouch I made.
This little fellow got made too. As you can see from the pic below he was immediately adopted by my pair of Lovebirds!
Crocheted Teddy3

And some new labels to go with my Badger makes

Badger Tag2

An ex Writers’ Club member and friend Pam Weaver gave a talk in our local library this week about the books she has written.
pam weaver
They are set locally and together they form a saga. Pam read chapters from her books and explained how she got the inspiration for them. A real life gruesome murder in Eastbourne, East Sussex 20 years ago gave her an idea for one of her books and the excerpt she read really built up the tension. This is Pam’s website address if you’d like more info. She really is a very talented writer. 


Linda xxx