Do you ever pick up a secondhand book and find an inscription inside and wonder about the first owner of the book? I came across this book the other day

C E Tunnicliffe Book2

with this inscription inside

C E Tunnicliffe Book1

It’s dated 1979 which is the year of publication of the book, so it must have been a brand new book bought for Colin for Christmas. Did Colin grow up to be an artist? Who were Denis and Lindsay? Why was Colin’s book in a charity shop? Did he donate it or did someone else donate it. Maybe it has done the rounds and I’m the fourth or fifth owner even! Hopefully Colin did have a happy Christmas and Denis and Lindsay’s gift was put to good use. I love reading things like this and imagining all sorts about the owner and although I love ebooks, you can’t add a piece of history like this to a downloaded book. BTW the book itself is wonderful, the bird sketches are breathtaking. I always envy artists who with a just few strokes of a pen or pencil can create life on paper.  Note to self – Keep practicing!

Now remember my new found love for machine applique? I had so much fun with my Flamingo design that I made it into a little zippered pouch.

Flamingo pouch2
and added the flamingo fabric as a lining. I might put a couple of embroidered pouches in my shop. There are so many gorgeous/cute/funny/clever embroidery designs available these days that I could spend the rest of my days sewing them or at least until my machine wears out.
Flamingo pouch lining1

I’ve also been making a few of these. Can you guess what it is yet?
Crochet pentagons7

No prizes but my recent addictions should give you the answer!


Linda xxx