My interpretation of ‘Universe’ for this week’s Illustration Friday.

Universe Glodfish Bowl

Also as well as chucking paint around I’ve been feeding my addiction for crocheting Birdies. This is Lemon Birdie making friends with my Bluebird of ‘Appiness.

Crocheted Lemon Birdie2

I also knitted a toadstool to act as a prop for when I photographed Harry Hedgehog Tea Cosy.

Knitted Toadstool5

I hired a stylist for the shoot!

Tabikat and Toadstool2

Harry and Toadstool04

This is what happens when you attempt machine applique for the first time without a clue what you’re doing.


And this is what you get when the penny drops!

Good Birdie Applique1


Linda xxx

3 thoughts on “Universe

  1. I'm drooling at your creations and might add I wish I had one of your many talents:( My sister is very creative like you, hum I'm still waiting for my creative streak to appear:) I so love the Harry Hedgehog tea cosy and toadstool.

  2. Thank you very much for all your kind comments. I remember aty school I was politely advised to leave the handcrafts and art classes because of the trail of devastation I used to cause. Not long after joining the Science class I managed to spill acid over the lab's cupboard doors and over my tights and also those of my friend. We walked home with holes in our tights and the lab had to fork out for a new paint job. So the fact that i can make anything vaguely recognisable now is a total miracle!!!

  3. What a fun collection of creativity! I love that you thought outside of the box for "universe." And your knitted & crocheted creations are adorable!

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