Back in Harness

I didn’t realise I’d been away from my blog for so long. I did feel down after my Uncle’s passing in January. He was the last member of the family on my dad’s side, so I was also grieving for that as well.
Anyway on to better and happier things. I have been busy and these are a few of the things I’ve been making. I got this pattern from Heidi Bears.

Bluebird of Appiness1

It was so much fun to make that I crocheted another little friend for her. As you can see they have become the very best of friends!

Crocheted Birdies10

Although the warmer days have finally arrived here I felt compelled to make myself a hot water bottle cover. So I made one knitted on 4 needles (pic to come later). I like knitting on 4 needles and really don’t do enough of it. Maybe I should start now and make some Christmas socks for pressies.
I’ve been trawling around the charity shops as usual an last week I found a brown and badly stained bamboo table. It had a lovely ornate base, so I took it home and sprayed it white. It now serves as an art table and holds all my brushes, paints and paper. I think it originally had 2 chairs to go with it, but they were nowhere to be seen in the shop, but my little white bamboo stool works well with it.

Bamboo table2

What about this for a bargain! I found this beautiful pristine book in Oxfam.

Drawn from Paradise2

The illustrations are fabulous. So much colour and detail.

Drawn from Paradise3
Drawn from Paradise4
Drawn from Paradise5

The foreword is written by Sir David Attenborough, one of my all time heroes. It’s going to get a place of honour in my birdie library.
Getting back to makes, I made this tote bag for my friend`s birthday.

Isis tote bag3
Isis tote bag5

She’s into Egyptology so I thought this design of Isis mother of Horus would look great embroidered on the bag. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, I hope she likes it.
I also embroidered the back of a denim waistcoat (for me) with a Surf Bird. Every time I look at this it just makes me smile!

Surf Bird Waistcoat1

Surf Bird Waistcoat6

A short post this time as I’m just getting back into blogging with baby steps at the moment!


Linda xxx

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