Retail Colour Therapy


I prescribed my self a giant dose of colour saturation today. I’m fed up with grey skies, muddy grass and beige borders. So I took myself off to the local garden centre for a coffee, free wifi and floral eye candy and I wasn’t disappointed. The Polyanthus were amazing, so vibrant.


Retail Colour Therapy 1


Retail Colour Therapy 6


And then I found these two little chaps in the corner. So adorable.


Retail Colour Therapy 8


And these were so tempting, but I resisted. I loved the Bunny peeking out.

Retail Colour Therapy 10


I’ve also been making my own colour therapy blanket. I chose two main colours for the flowers – Fuchsia and Orange. Totally clashing but they make my eyes happy.


Fuchsia Orange Crochet Squares4


I’ve made all the squares and now I’m in the making up process. I’ll edge it in Fuchsia and Orange as well. More pics to come when it’s finished!




Linda xxx

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