In Love ……. again!

This time I’ve fallen for Casper. I’ve been meeting up with him for the last 2 Sundays and there’s been a lot of cuddling, kissing and whispered words of love. Okay, he’s a cat! You’ve probably guessed that straight away. He is one of the latest rescue cats at PAWS Animal Sanctuary. His owner couldn’t afford to pay vets fees and as a result his teeth were in terrible condition. PAWS took him to their vet and the poor thing had to have them all out. But as you can see in this very short video I shot he certainly isn’t feeling sorry for himself and is recovering well.

The beautiful Casper

I would love to have him home with me but I think Tabikat might have a go at this gentle giant being another boy cat etc. I shall have to ponder that one.

Also I thought I’d mention The Cinnamon Trust. It’s a British charity that looks after the pets of elderly people if they have to go into hospital or care. If the owner dies the charity will also take in the pet and find it a good home. I think this is a brilliant idea as I see so many cats at PAWS with the words “Owner Died” on their case notes. I didn’t know about this charity until Stacey at PAWS mentioned it today. I looked it up and was really impressed with the work they do. Virginia McKenna and Sir Paul McCartney are just 2 of their Patrons. Worth a look.

A look at my latest embroidered notebook cover. I’m in to frogs now and I thought this design would be fun to do!

Froggie Notebook

I’m pleased with how it turned out. Methinks a Gecko next!


Linda xxx

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  1. Our Lily has no teeth as she had them removed at age 7. She had been badly neglected when I rescued her. She is 18 now and let me tell you having no teeth never stopped her from loving her food. She was eating soft food by the next day and eating hard food again within two weeks. Deb

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