Garlands and Gardenias

I am so pleased with this Gardenia plant. It’s now coming into bloom.






Last year I went on a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of my local garden centre which is part of The Garden Centre Group.

It was very interesting seeing how they grow the plants for their nurseries, the irrigation, temperature control etc. The nursery manager was so enthusiastic about all the plants, it really shone through in his talk. At the end of the tour we were allowed to take home a plant of our choosing for free. I picked Gardenia jas. Kleim’s Hardy. It was a relatively new plant to the centre and the one I picked was really tiny. The manager told me to keep it in a pot indoors during the winter and to let it stand on the patio during the summer. I’ve followed his instructions and now have a lovely plant in bloom with loads more buds to come out. The vanilla scent is wonderful too.


I was inspired by the lovely Tricia from SimplyStitcheduk to make a flower garland for my stall at the Brent Lodge Summer Fayre at the end of August. I’m really pleased at how it’s turned out.


Red flower Garland


It seems these days that every post has to include a pussy cat photograph and this post is no exception, here is a pic of dangerous Daisy taking in a few rays and generally being good which is very unusual for her as she generally lives up to the Naughty Tortie reputation.




And of course Tabikat. I usually like to take photos with my cats making eye contact but for some reason I’ve gone for this one. See what you think.






Linda xxx

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  1. I love the smell of Gardenia's. At one time I had a beautiful one that bloomed all the time.
    Love the crocheted Garland, I think your kitty cat does also! She looks like she just can't wait to check it out.

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