The Sublime to the Ridiculous

Bargain time again – I found this pretty silk top by Alexon in my local charity/thrift shop for the bargain price of £1.50. Yes it is 100% silk!!


Alexon silk top5


Alexon silk top1


It will go beautifully with fuchsia or lilac summer skirts. I love it!! Well that was the sublime part of the post. Here follows the ridiculous bit. I spotted this table for sale in a garden centre. It has a drinks cooler built into the centre of it and costs a whopping £1100! Looks like the original price was £1440.


Fridge table


I stood there looking at it working out how many bottles of Bushmills Irish Whiskey that equated to! I think for that money I would rather have a bog standard garden table with a cooler bag and invest the rest in alcohol. Well maybe not all of the rest, just enough to fill the cooler bag. Think of the money saved!! What will they think of next (gosh that sounds old).


Here is a cheap date. This is Jasmine (Jazzy for short) lying in her own sun puddle. For more on sun puddles read Debs blog is where I first read the phrase sun puddle – very apt.


Jazzy sunbathing06


She’s got her arm around an old cat and fiddle statue I bought years ago from an antique shop in Arundel. My friend came with me and helped me load it into her car boot. It was sooooo heavy, I dread to think what it did to her car’s suspension! The end of the fiddle has broken off over the years, but the little mouse at the cat’s feet is still there. Jazzy is conveniently lying on it. When I want to move it around I have to roll it as it is too heavy for me to lift, needless to say it’s still stayed pretty much in the same area in the garden!




Linda xx