A Couple of Ta-Das & A Strange Tabby

I’m still sticking to my mission of finishing all the projects I’ve started and using up my stash before I buy anything else, although I will admit to buying this embroidery design and this sewing pattern over the weekend.

I’ve had this project on my needles for ages

I wanted a really warm, chunky, snuggly dress to wear over leggings or jeans in the winter. I used Drops Eskimo 100% wool instead of the recommended Debbie bliss Como wool. A fraction of the price but it was lovely to knit with and I loved the deep old rose colour. So here’s the finished dress ready to go into the wardrobe to await winter – which should arrive next week if today’s drop in temperature is anything to go by.


Pink wool dress6


The second Ta da is my mandarin collar top made with some lovely self embossed off white satin fabric I got from a shop on the Goldhawk Road on my last visit to London.


Cream satin blouse1

Please ignore wrinkles across tummy and waist, I will have to de-stuff my dress form as I’ve lost a bit of weight recently. Open-mouthed smile I used New Look 6407, a really easy pattern to make up.



So that’s 2 more projects down and about 100 more to go!

Now onto to this lovely little pussycat who came to visit last night.


Strange Tabby2a


I couldn’t get too close as it got a bit skittish, but it gobbled up the cat biscuits that my cats had left. I gave it some more food and that was gobbled up really quickly as well. It seemed to be very hungry. It does seem to look quite healthy and well fed and cats are well known for being con artists when it comes to food.  I had one ginger cat called Bramble who was well known in the neighbourhood for being able to charm food out of people’s cupboards.  I’ll keep monitoring it to make sure it’s OK.


Strange Tabby2

That’s my Lily guarding the front door to make sure the little cat didn’t get in.


Strange Tabby4

I love it’s little white moustache!


Must go more projects to complete!!




Linda xxx

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  1. Well done on completing the dress 🙂 I havn't the patience to complete a knitted scarf let alone a whole dress!!!
    It looks lovely and sure to keep you warm in winter

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