Bargain of the Year………so far!

I was having a browse in my favourite charity shop, mainly looking for fabric when I came across this beauty


Silk Monsoon Skirt3


A dark lilac embroidered linen and silk skirt from Monsoon. I just love it and the price I paid for it – £5. As you can guess from my last post I’m a big fan of embroidered clothes. My grandmother was a professional ecclesiastical embroiderer making all sorts of church stuff from robes to wall hangings. So I think she must have had some influence on me. I wonder what she would have thought about my home embroidery machine.


Silk Monsoon Skirt4


Silk Monsoon Skirt5


It won’t be dry cleaned, it’ll be hand washed in soft wool detergent! It’s such a gorgeous floaty skirt, definitely a warm summer evening job. I keep getting it out of the wardrobe and gazing lovingly at it!


As Doctor Who is on later tonight I thought I’d also share my latest embroidered baby bib. It will accompany the Dalek bib. Now if I could only get hold of a Cyberman embroidery pattern!!






Linda xx

2 thoughts on “Bargain of the Year………so far!

  1. It's very pretty. It makes my day to find something I love on the cheap. I just read about Frisco and wanted to say I was so sorry to hear about his passing. It's always so hard to lose a dear cat. May he rest in peace. Hugs, Deb

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