This is a tribute post about Rosie my little cat who died last night from kidney failure. She would have been 8 years old this April, no age at all for a cat.
She was a happy go lucky friendly little thing who always trotted up to other cats to make friends. She usually got a swipe for her efforts but it never deterred her. She did have one catty friend in Pansy the tabby and went on several play dates with her.
Rosie was a rescue cat, well kitten actually. Our local cat shelter had rescued a pregnant feral cat and Rosie was born shortly after. The first picture I saw of her was actually with her back turned to the camera as she was concentrating with her brothers and sisters in getting a good position for her mother’s milk. So I fell in love with her without actually seeing her face. When I did go to visit her this is what I saw

Blue eyed kitten's face covered with catfood after eating

A naughty face that just spelled trouble!


But she could be endearing, especially with those beautiful odd eyes.


Everything had to be tasted and chewed just in case


Exploration featured pretty high on her list too


Sometimes life left her a little bewildered

Rosie upside down

But she always found time to be cute and adorable


She never let stardom go to her head even when More Than Pet Insurance chose this picture of her to feature in one of their TV ads

Rosie and frog

She still liked to be normal and make friends wherever she could.


I’m really going to miss my beautiful girl.
Rest in Peace Rosie xxxxxx

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  1. It's so heart wrenching when a pet dies but I hope in time you will be able to think about her without the sadness you currently feel.
    She was such a pretty girl.

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