New Year Restitutions


I never make resolutions, I make restitutions! I reckon that resolutions are really made to fix up what’s not gone right in the previous year. So what are my Restitutions for 2013. Well here they are and as they say on Strictly they are  in no particular order………….

Travel more but not necessarily to foreign exotic climbs. I’d quite like to become a tourist in my own country or even county. When I’m out driving about I pass so many interesting looking places that beg to be explored. I usually think when I’m passing, “I must go there one day” but by the time I’ve got home and parked the car I’ve forgotten where it is I’d like to visit. I suppose the best thing to do would be to get out a tourist map of the county and also a local history book from the library and to plan a diary of visits to the quirky, the beautiful and the historical places all around me.

Old map of the world

Take the guitar down from the wall and get strumming. I’ll never be the next Clapton but I would like to learn a tune or two to delight and amaze at parties.


Finish off all my UFOs (unfinished objects) that are currently languishing in drawers, backs of cupboards and tops of wardrobes. I could restock Hobbycraft single handed!


Get to know my beautiful embroidery machine inside out and be able to rethread my overlocker/serger blindfolded and with one arm tied behind my back. It took me a whole evening to work out how to thread it when I first got it. I’d like to improve on that.

And skills, need to practice my crochet, sewing and writing skills. They say it takes an amount 10,000 hours to achieve Master status at something.

old clock

So in 2013 if I never slept or ate I would be able to get 8,760 hours under my belt. So I could almost reach Master level, I would be knackered but what the hell. Must put a few large jars of strong coffee on my shopping list for next time.