The Great (Personal) Reset

Where did the time go? One minute writing out my New Year Resolutions, the next trying to avoid possibly Covid-19 infected people who were once friends and neighbours. Who on earth could have foreseen that? So back to the drawing board for a fresh set of 2021 resolutions (subject to death and taxes).

Beach Babe

I still want to get to the Galpagos Islands and I want to dive with Sharks but I fear that won’t be possible for 2 reasons, travel restrictions and I can’t afford it!

Neither can I afford my dear little cottage in France and as I am stuck in a flat with more rules than Putin could dream up adopting a Border Collie is also off the cards (for the moment). In fact so is Seeing the Northern Lights and Learning to Dive. But what I can do is


  1. Learn French
  2. Lose two and a half stone in weight from my very wibbly wobbly, unhealthy body
  3. Use up ALL of my fabric stash
  4. Use up ALL of my yarn stash
  5. Less driving and more bicycling
  6. Write every day

Six of the best. And one more – 

  •     Live extremely frugally to be able to afford all of the above! 


So here I am again, back on the starting blocks………………………………………………..