And now the reality

The bits I didn’t include in my last post. 

Sadly my friend and companion died last year. Like most of us he ignored his own mortality which resulted in him not updating his will. So I have been left with nothing and the executors have given me notice to quit my lovely home. If I don’t quit on the date they’ve given me they have informed me that they will charge me rent and expenses going right back to the moment he died and they’ll also apply to the court to get me evicted. What was I supposed to do, call 999, kiss him goodbye and then pack my bags? On this occasion solicitors have quite rightly earned their grubby money grabbing reputation.

We weren’t together long enough for me to qualify for a portion of his estate. I’m broke, I have no family, just my pussycat Poppy. She is all I have now and is so precious to me.
I dread having to do it but I fear I have to go through the much hated UK Benefits system. This is the one where even though you may be dying, have no arms or legs etc they will still say you are fit to work and will cut your benefits without any warning. Recent Freedom of Information Stats have revealed that over 10,000 vulnerable people have died at the hands of this brutal system. I have to navigate my way through this and I am having nightmares about it.

I’ve just read on Twitter that a nurse at a DWP interview asked a young Downs Syndrome girl “How long have you had Downs Syndrome?” Unbelievable and what chance do the rest of us have in the face of such incompetence?

I have to get myself on the Housing Register which I am not relishing. I am even eyeing up the back of my car with a view to making it into a mini camper car for Poppy and I. Desperate times.

I am going to continue with sharing my experiences of a broken benefits system and my experiences of the bully boy executors, but for now it’s chin up and don’t let the bastards grind you down. 

Slainte xxx